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TSB Podcast: Episode 243 – The Fallout at Nike HQ

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Dunks, and Sarena are in-studio.

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What’s the point of doing a Fab 5 this week when all anyone talked about was the “Playoff”–or “Bred”–Air Jordan 11s?

Ray Polanco Jr. is being accused of allegedly abusing and exploiting his ex-girlfriend. While it seems that most people are waiting to see the story develop as the facts come out, there is a contingent of people who have made their minds up and have taken to social media to let their thoughts be known. Caesar makes the point that you should keep it to yourself if you can’t @ that person.

Dunks tries his hardest to get the record for the most bell rings. We might have to install a penalty box in the studio.

Geeno might be the most selfish co-host in the history of the show. Shout out to Taco Bell.

Dunks allegedly has a hidden culinary talent. But if his taste pallette is anything like his taste in sneakers, we’re not too optimistic.

Caesar rants on hypebeasts. Again.

Has Virgil Abloh officially phoned it in? Have you seen the Off-White X Air Jordan 5?!

Caesar looks forward to next year’s Sneaker Royal Rumble. Everyone on the show has to pick their top 5 shoes of the year. BUT, each shoe has to come from different brands.

Is StockX still being hacked?

Caesar rants on the lack of actual news coming from sneaker websites and news sites. It’s just release dates and celebrity sightings.

There’s fallout at Nike HQ following the aftermath of Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project controversy. A mini protest was held on campus by 400 employees. Somehow, out of all the things to be bothered by in this story, Caesar finds the tritest thing to take issue with. In addition to being tone deaf, Nike found a way to co-opt the protest. Oh, and there was a woman with a camoflouge beanie.

Under Armour is as bad at committing crimes as they are at selling sneakers.

Is anyone still excited about the upcoming Beyonce X Adidas collaboration?

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, a Nike Factory Store in California can’t go a day without getting robbed. In fact, there’s video of one of those robberies taking place, with a group of teens running out with arm loads of product. The kicker? That was the second robbery that day.

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