In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, Geeno, Dunks, and Sarena are in studio.


Dunks gets a new nickname.

They debate why hypebeasts seem to get offended whenever we call them out for being hypebeast.

Someone calls in on the new voicemail hotline to ask about the upcoming “Playoff” Air Jordan 11 Retro.

Doesn’t the “YouTube” Nike KD 12 look like it’s own fake?

Caesar strikes out on the “Chicago” Air Jordan XXX4 and he’s not happy about it. Especially when you hear the reason why.

Nike needs to expand their NikeiD options, from colorways to sneaker models. Imagine if they put Jordans on NikeiD. They’d be printing their own money.

Is Kanye’s Sunday Service genuinely inspired by gospel music or is he disingenuously capitalizing on it to regain favor in the black community and make money?

Travis Scott responds to the backlash over his recent Air Jordan 6 release. His statement gives the impression that he’s going to do something about the reseller problem that surrounds most hyped releases, but will he? And even if he wanted to, can he really do anything that’ll make a difference?

Why is Brad Hall still a thing?

Someone made a custom sneaker with holy water injected into the air bag of a Nice Air Max 98 and sold it for $1,400 each. A sucker is born everyday.

Is there any way Nike can revive the Air Force-1 line?

And finally, who’s the worse movie love interest? Rose from “Titanic” or Jenny from “Forrest Gump”? If you think about it, the decision is a lot harder than you’d assume.