In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, JumpmanBostic, and Dunks are in studio.


Once again Geeno has to restart “the streak”.

Caesar and Dunks give their non-spoiler review of “Joker”.

Is it too early to determine which teams will make the NBA playoffs, after only one preseason game? If so, someone tell Guru.

Nike has exceeded Wall Street analyst’s expectations for last quarter, making over $200 million more than expected. This leads to a healthy debate between Caesar and Guru about Nike’s push to sell more direct-to-consumer.

Dunks brings in his latest Nike “By You”. Caesar thinks they’re dope, but JumpmanBostic doesn’t believe him.

Fans on social media made fun of LeBron James’ unboxing video of his “Future Air” LeBron 17s. Guess who rushes to his defense?

Speaking of Guru, don’t EVER take a bag, or a package, from him without thoroughly checking it first. Trust us on this.

It’s not even Christmas and Foot Locker is already in the giving spirit. They recently invested $3 million into the NTWRK platform. This move will allow them to sell more of the more covered releases, AND gives them access to celebrities in which to market their products through.

Once again, Skechers stands accused of ripping off another brand’s designs. Once again, it’s Nike. And once again, Skechers finds itself on the defensive end of a lawsuit. The best part about this story is the fact that the Skechers CEO actually created a Skechers infused verb to describe their attempts to rip off other brand’s and their designs.

And finally, Alan Foster, former inmate and co-founder of Big Baller Brand, isn’t going to lay down and die quietly. He’s countersuing Lonzo and Lavar Ball, and alleges that Lavar, not him, was the one who embezzled millions of dollars away from the company. Not only that, Alan accuses Lavar of exploiting his sons for fame. Since neither person has any credibility, this ought to be one hell of a public court battle.