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TSB Podcast: Episode 233 – Are Air Jordan II’s underrated?

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, and Dunks are in studio.

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None of these topics have anything to do with sneakers, BUT: Charles Bronson was the Liam Neeson of the 1980s. The jury got the O.J. verdict right. And Michael Jackson is 100% innocent. @ us.

Imagine living everyday with the knowledge that you missed out on $8 billion. That’s the tragic story, and reality, of Spencer Haywood and his deal with Nike.

Are Air Jordan IIs underrated?

PUMA has joined in the Global Fashion Pact to advocate greener manufacturing process to produce sneakers and apparel.

Things we thought we’d never say. Nike and Crocs have joined together, along with many other shoe brands, to demand that Trump backs off of his tariff war with China.

Nike wins 2019 Design Company of the Year.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, in one story, the reward for a sneaker thief is worth way more than the sneakers he stole. And two different men, at two different times, were assaulted over the same shoe, resulting with one of the victims being ‘Rick James’, bitched slapped during the assault.

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