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TSB Podcast: Episode 232 – Has Lavar Ball gone too far this time?

In this episode of TSB, it’s a full house. Well, kind of. Geeno, Dunks, Guru, JumpmanBostic, and Caesar are in studio.

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The show jumps off with a reseller who calls in to incriminate himself. Lol. Let’s hope his employer doesn’t listen to this episode.

JumpmanBostic REALLY “loves” Supreme. Almost as much as he “loves” Yeezys.

Adidas is looking to pay influencers to hauk their product through their Creators Club. They incentive you by either paying you 6%, or, by giving it to charity. We’re going to go out on a limb and… Nevermind.

PUMA says it’s not trying to compete with Nike or Adidas, they’re just trying to stay in their lane and push out good product. Understandable. But their rationale and reasoning leaves one to wonder if they actually know what Nike and Adidas do.

Nike finally loses at something. Kind of. They rank 8th place on the list of the healthiest companies in the world. We guess going vegan paid off after all for the Swoosh.

Lavar Ball is being, well, Lavar Ball. But has he finally crossed the line? Are people finally tired of his act? And is Big Baller Brand worth the trouble to rebuild?

And finally, In This Week In Stupid, if you’re going to be the victim of a crime, don’t contribute to it by being equally stupid. This is a story so dumb that you almost feel bad for the criminals.

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