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TSB Podcast: Episode 230 – Nike wins “Retailer of the Year”

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In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, Geeno, and Dunks are in studio.

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Jordan Brand trolled everyone by allowing us to believe that the black, red, and white Air Jordan 1 releasing on Black Friday was another “Banned” retro. It’s not. Not only that, but it just seems that Jordan Brand is struggling creatively lately. They’re either force feeding stories and themes behind certain releases, or they’re rehashing the same old colorways over, and over, and over again.

Yeezys. It’s really doesn’t matter what in the box anymore. As long as it says “YEEZY” on the front of it, people will buy it.

StockX has a class action lawsuit on their hands, spearheaded by a kid in Kansas.

Nike wins “Retailer of the Year”, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering how much they’re focusing on the direct-to-consumer side of things. But if we had to make up our own category, Under Armour would definitely win “Party Planner of the Year”.

Olympic gold medalist, and world champion, Allyson Felix threw up the double deuce to the Swoosh and signed with the Gap’s newest upstart brand “Athleta”. Maybe if she was a flag, some of the other Nike athletes would’ve given her cause more support and attention.

And finally, Steve Madden is apparently still a thing in 2019, acquiring our show’s first sponsor, Greats Brand. We guess it’s not the weirdest acquisition story in the world. Just Google “Habro” and “Death Row Records”.

Afrikan Caesar
Afrikan Caesar
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