In this episode of TSB, Caesar, JumpmanBostic, Guru, and Geeno are in-studio.


Kick It Wit DD calls in to vent about the upcoming Nike Kyrie 5 “Sponge Bob” Pack. Apparently someone at Nike thought that shoes themed after a cartoon should come exclusively in men’s sizes. She also describes the scene at last week’s Arizona X Adidas Originals pop-up in New York where they were selling the collection for 99ยข per shoe.

Connor TV also calls in to give his impression of this year’s Complex Con, which was held in Chicago for the first time. Later in the conversation, he and JumpmanBostic debate over who has the better Yeezy collection.

They say splitting up is the easiest part of a divorce, it’s the custody battle that turns it ugly. That seems to also stand true in the case of Kawhi Leonard v. Nike. The Swoosh filed a countersuit against Kawhi, basically calling his sketch trash (if you’ve seen the picture, it kinda is though). What might be Kawhi’s undoing is a 2014 interview with Nice Kicks.

In This Week In Stupid, seems like the ladies can steal and get robbed just like the men. Two women in Australia rob a store by stuffing sneakers in their purses. The crazy part of that story? After being confronted by an employee, one of the women fled the store only to come back and rob it again. In another story two women were robbed, leaving one of them shot in the stomach. The irony of it all was that they specifically chose the location to meet up because it was located right across the street from a police station.

And finally, we deep dive in the culinary differences between the races. It’s literally black and white, night and day. In the course of our conversation we stumble across a hidden profession of Geeno’s. j