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TSB Podcast: Episode 220 – Nike and adidas back in the courtroom

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, and Geenok are in studio.

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Are sneaker media and social media “sources” more interested in being first instead of being right when it comes to release information? Or are people just more gullible now to where credibility no longer matters?

Nike is known for retroing their sneakers from time to time, so in that same spirit a group of shareholders retro a lawsuit that they filed last year in response to allegations of discrimination at Nike HQ.

Always the competitor, Adidas isn’t willing to let Nike hog up all the courtroom time to themselves. The 3 Stripes is involved in one of the pettiest lawsuits in recent memory, with an artist in New York suing Adidas over a trademark that Reebok–which is owned by Adidas–earlier sued the artist for back in 2013.

The crew looks forward to upcoming sneaker releases such as the PSG X Air Jordan 6 and the Nike Cortez “Shoe Dog” Pack.

In an update to an earlier story from This Week In Stupid, the crew finds out what happened to a police officer who was arrested for stealing a pair of sneakers from an inmate from INSIDE the jail.

And finally, a man in Japan is arrested for stealing over 60 pairs of sneakers. His reason for stealing the shoes? He “got off” on it, and not in a legal sense.

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