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TSB Podcast: Episode 217 – Are there more trend chasers than trendsetters?

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Francis, Guru, and Geeno are in studio over the Memorial Day weekend.

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What makes someone a “YouTuber”? The crew attacks Caesar for being one because he recorded a few sneaker review videos back in the day.

Everyone gives their thoughts to this year’s Quai 54 X Air Jordan Collection.

Bots seemed to rule the initial online release of the SP Gina X Air Jordan 1s. It’s at this time that Francis has an epiphany as to what “SP” in “SP Gina” stands for.

Can we all just admit that Jordan Brand was reaching with their “Chicago to L.A./New York to Paris” Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 Pack?

A listener calls in to voice his disgust with Nike’s recently cancelled “Puerto Rico” Air Force 1.

The crew begs the question “Are there more trend chasers than trendsetters?” This conversation was set up by the upcoming reflective/non-reflective Yeezy 350 Boosts.

The crew takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the good ol’ days of wrestling during the WCW/WWF Monday night wars. The highlight of this conversation? Memories of ‘Gillberg’.

Adidas has a good problem on their hands. Apparently they’re having trouble keeping up with the demand for their apparel.

A sneakerhead in Canada experienced one of the scariest things imaginable while traveling, they had their sneakers stolen from their luggage after checking it in at the airport. This is why carry-ons exist.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, a man in Florence, Arizona breaks into someone’s house while only wearing a smile and a pair of sneakers.

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