Home Podcast TSB Podcast: Episode 216 - With higher tariffs come higher Sneaker prices

TSB Podcast: Episode 216 – With higher tariffs come higher Sneaker prices

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, JumpmanBostic, Guru, Geeno, and Francis are in studio.

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The crew goes out for dinner and finds out that Geeno has a tapeworm, this leads to another one of Guru’s Red Lobster stories. Shout out to Joe’s Crab Shack.

The crew sets a reminder to help JumpmanBostic get to 100k subscribers so that he fufills his bet with Connor TV.

JumpmanBostic tells what it was like receiving a pair of the “Family & Friends” Trophy Room X Air Jordan 5s.

They go over the events of StockX Day 3.

Geeno says that “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is the most important movie so far in the Marvel universe.

They go over upcoming sneaker releases such as the “Space Jam” 11 Low IE, the PSG X Air Jordan 6, and the Nike React 2019.

They relive some of the shenanigans from their past Sneaker Con trips, most of them starring White Ranger.

Sneakers might be an unintended casualty in Trump’s trade war with China. With higher tariffs come higher sneaker prices, as if they aren’t already inflated enough. In a historic show of solidarity, brands get behind the FDRA in demanding Trump show some sign of economic intelligence.

Nike was embroiled in a controversy surrounding their policy with female athletes. Apparently, Nike would just stop paying their female athletes if they became pregnant, causing some of them to try to hide their pregnancy, and in some cases, continue to compete while pregnant. Nike can’t help themselves. In ANOTHER controversy – and a continuation of the BHM conversation we had – Nike promotes an upcoming Puerto Rico inspired AF-1 only to have everyone realize that the artwork on the shoe ISN’T Puerto Rican.

In a bizarre twist in This Week In Stupid, someone goes to jail to steal a pair of shoes. Yeah, you heard that right. And a guy threatens a bouncer at a club while wearing the most identifiable pair of sneakers ever. The crew takes the opportunity to shit on Fusions once again, leaving only JumpmanBostic to defend their good name.

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