In Episode 211 of TSB, Caesar, Guru, and Geeno are in studio.


LeBron is having trouble getting other NBA stars to join him in Space Jam 2. It’s like the movie version of the Lakers.

Nike is looking to beef up their loyalty program with perks for their members, well, at least those who spend the most money.

Under Armour’s compliance program has been accredited by the Fair Labor Association. We wonder where they went to celebrate? And was it a place that they could use their company cards at?

PUMA has introduced their first ever augmented sneaker called the “LQD Cell Origin”. Via their app, you can scan the sneaker and add on pictures and effects. You can even play an augmented running game.

Daqwaun Ralls, remember him? He’s the guy the guy who stole over $50k worth of sneakers from a GOAT app/Flight Club warehouse earlier this year. He calls into the show to tell us how, and why, he did what he did. And you won’t believe what the outcome was.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, a Detroit man was shot twice at a bus stop after he got into an argument over sneakers with another passenger on the bus.