In this episode of TSB, the crew head down to StockX headquarters to interview their CEO, Josh Luber. The discussion ranges from a number of topics such as: StockX’s effect on the sneaker resell market. The potential of trading shoes through Stockx. Rumors and allegations of them selling fakes, or at the very least, allowing them to slip through. The GOAT app X Foot Locker deal. The process, from beginning to end, of how they authenticate sneakers. How they plan on using IPOs to sell exclusive product. What they have planned going forward. And even their employee welfare, diversity, and wellness.


VANS has been making a comeback, just don’t call it that. They’ve been here for years.

Nike enters the world of esports, following in the footsteps of adidas and PUMA. While there’s much debate as to whether or not esports is even a “sport” at all, the crew thinks that we can all agree that it’s not.

Speaking of claiming something is when it isn’t, Nike once again finds themselves in hot water after misrepresenting the Zoom Air tech inside the recent “Draft Day” Kobe 4 release. We’re pretty sure Nicholas Fraser made a song about this.

Kanye West wants to run adidas just like he runs his mouth.

New Balance is giving away free beer to people who complete their running challenge. If that isn’t oxymoronic enough for you, they own a bar with a weight room.

It’s only March, but there’s already a list of the top 8 sneaker brands of 2019. After the you get past the top two spots, you’ll be surprised which brands rank 3 through 8.

Nike is ducking European tax laws and 2 Chainz all in the same week.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, Under Armour continues to make more bad decisions than sneakers. This time their CEO Kevin Plank is accused of making business decisions based on the advice of his side chick. The crazy part about that is it seems she kept him from making even worse decisions with the company.