In this episode of TSB, a listener calls into the show and basically becomes a co-host for a day. He brings up the topic of the recent Doernbecher retros–in fact he goes in on the collection as a whole–and how it doesn’t feel like Nike/Jordan Brand isn’t maximizing it’s potential to be impactful.


He also tells the crew how great they were, weren’t, and are now again.

Jordan Brand seems to be running out of ideas, resorting to stealing a custom design from FBCC Bay Area. With them hiring other customizers to be designers within the brand, it makes you wonder if ripping off other people’s work will become the norm going forward.

Nike is investing in wind technology in Europe, setting it’s sights to use 100% renewable energy by 2025. This gives a whole new meaning to “Nike Blows”.

JumpmanBostic gives Guru the business AGAIN, putting Guru in the rare position of being on the defensive. JB accused Guru of one of the worse things imaginable, having no jump shot.

And finally, Zion Williams had his sneaker explode during a game against UNC. Now while some people place the blame on Nike’s shoes, the crew blame Duke’s equipment manager for allowing him to play in PG 2.5s. You don’t put Toyota Camry tires on a Dodge Ram and expect it to perform as intended.