In this episode of TSB, Under Armour has made the leap from performed sneakers to… spacesuits?! Maybe their counterfeit doppelganger Uncle Martian was on to something.


But while Under Armour is taking to space, they’re also looking to come back down to earth, by hiring Girls Scout enthusiast Tchernavia Rocker to bring peace and order to the galaxy. (Otherwise known as their Baltimore HQ).

PUMA tries to challenge Nike by producing their own sneaker with power laces. It comes with everything the Adapt BB has except a Swoosh and an app that doesn’t work.

Big Baller Brand is being Big Baller Brand. Once again there’s a delay in shipping out their pre-orders of the Zo2.19. But Lavar says not to worry, he’s got you covered. He’s giving customers free t-shirts or hoodies. You just have to wait for those too.

FILA North America President, Jon Epstein, died last week at the age of 63. R.I.P.

PUMA is moving their headquarters to Assembly Row. It seemed more newsworthy when we talked about it on the show.

Victoria Beckham is looking to get into the sneaker resell game. Oh wait, our bad, we meant to say the sneaker RETAIL game. Just looking at the price of her Reebok collection, one would assume that the former was true.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, a man in Colorado Springs loses his store after 20 years of being in business due to his refusal to sell any more Nike products because of their support of Colin Kaepernick. It’s kind of poetic that it’s closing down in February of all months.