In this episode of TSB, the crew come back from hiatus after the worse weather in Michigan history prevented them from recording last week. They are joined by Devlin Braswell, independent fashion designer and owner, and creator, of “Fly Boys Couture Club” and “The SIA Collective”.


The crew gangs up on Caesar out of jealousy that he won their inaugural Sneaker Royal Rumble. And they debate which celeb has more hype for their sneaker between Kanye and Travis Scott.

In Sneaker News, Nike signs a 10-year partnership with Major League Baseball, basically giving them a monopoly on all major sports in the U.S. We know, they aren’t involved in the NHL, but we did say “MAJOR sports in the U.S.”

Foot Locker is partnering with Adidas to get more sneakers faster to the public by making use of Adidas’ Speedfactories. The idea is to create shoes that reflect different communities, and even cultural, and sporting events, in a timely manner. So basically a South Park episode that you can wear on your feet.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, the crew go in on Nike and Adidas’ failed attempt of a proper Black History Month collection. In particular, Adidas all-white Ultra Boost and Nike’s obsession with Kente cloth. Cooking in the kitchen used to be the only way to get into the big house, now we ain’t even allowed in there. But the “meal” is for us right?