In this episode of TSB, the crew record their 200th show in the last 4 years.


Caesar goes over the results of their Sneaker Royal Rumble thus far, and then later the crew give their thoughts to upcoming sneaker releases such as the Nike “BHM” and “CNY” Collections and the much anticipated “Michigan” Air Jordan 5.

In Sneaker News, Nike taps former Coca-Cola exec G. Scott Uzzell to be the new CEO of Converse. We just hope this decision doesn’t FIZZLE out, or fall FLAT. The news of his hiring seemed to just POP out of no…….. Yeah we’ll stop. Lol.

In case you were sitting on the fence and needed a push either way, Lil Wayne finally settles the “Nike v. Adidas” debate people were having 2 years ago–and have since moved on from–with the most incoherent rationale imaginable.

New Balance is looking to expand it’s footprint by building another manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. It could potentially create 75 permanent jobs in the area and possibly fill one on the Celtics. We can already see that one going over EVERYONE’S heads. Lol.

In This Week In Stupid, a firefighter in D.C. was arrested for assault and armed robbery after stealing a pair of Louboutin shoes. Damn, talk about a fire sale.

Caesar goes into the vault to do another rendition of “Yelp 1 Star Sneaker Store Reviews”. This time the target was sneaker outlet stores in Orlando.

And finally, they end the show with upcoming sneaker release dates and thanking everyone, from listeners to anyone who’s ever been involved with the show, for their support and efforts in helping them reach 200 episodes.