In this episode of TSB, the crew are joined by Clue 313 and Staylaced Don, creators and founders of Foir.Life.


They spend a LOT of time on this week’s Fab 5 for some reason, but they’re able to squeeze in another installment of “The Price Is Hype”.

The NBA recently unveiled their plans for the G-League, which will undercut men’s NCAA basketball. But Darius Bazley found another entry way into the NBA that no one has thought of. An internship. At New Balance?

FILA signs Grant Hill to a lifetime deal. If you’re wondering why, ask yourself who else would they sign?

Some clown at CBS Sports, who knows NOTHING about sneakers by the way, ranked every Air Jordan silhouette from his least favorite to best. The only thing worse than his list is the puns he attached to each pick.

And finally, the crew discuss what it means to be an “influencer” in this day and age in sneaker culture.