In this episode of TSB, former co-host G-SNKS comes back on the show as he and Caesar reconcile their differences.


It seems like everyone in the NBA is getting a shoe deal these days, with DeMarcus Cousins signing with PUMA and Gordon Hayward signing with ANTA.

Simone Biles wants all the smoke, as she calls out Team USA Gymnastics for appointing part-time Kaepernick hater Mary Bono as interim president and CEO.

The Goat app signs L.A. Lakers guard Kyle Kuzma to a brand ambassador deal, making this the first partnership of it’s kind with an athlete endorsing a resell platform. They’ll be providing him with retro Nike sneakers to wear throughout the season.

Lena Waithe is coming out with a show based on sneaker culture exclusively for Quibi. The show will highlight the different facets of sneaker culture through the lens of “characters who define the culture.” It’ll be interesting to know who these “characters” are.

Allen Iverson has the best retirement plan ever. Reebok continues to pay him $800k a year, plus setting up a trust fund worth $35 million that he can’t touch until 2030, AND after his ex-wife gets her half.

And finally, we get the holy trinity of “This Week In Stupid” stories, with the biggest collection of idiots ever assembled stealing shoes and sneakers in a city near you.