In this episode of TSB, Clemson signs a 10 year extension with Nike. It ain’t Michigan so who cares? Lol.


NBA man-child J.R. Smith gets a “Supreme” tattoo on his leg (because why wouldn’t you?), and almost immediately the NBA threatens to fine him per game unless he covers it up. Seems like a well, thought out decision that a man in his thirties would make. We can’t understand why the NBA would have a problem with that.

Nike CEO Mark Parker hints that a basketball version of the Hyperadapt will be available in the near future, AND for a reasonable price. Define reasonable…

Nike also thought about cutting Colin Kaepernick right before they re-signed him to be the face of their “Just Do It” 30th anniversary campaign thanks to the efforts, and insight, of a lone communications executive.

Adidas step-child, Reebok, has created an organic sneaker made of corn and other natural materials. Sounds corny.

New Balance establishes Motley Chair at Boston’s UMass in an attempt to further distance itself from it’s perceived support of Trump a year ago.

Nike and Columbia Sportswear team up to fight against a proposal in Oregon that aims to overturn sanctuary laws for immigrants.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, bootleggers are making fakes of cosmetically flawed sneakers like the “Gold Toe” Air Jordan 1, that had upside down Nike Swooshes, and sold for over $90k. And two teens in Texas commit a series of sneakers thefts only to get caught in one of the dumbest ways possible, posting it on Facebook.