In this episode of TSB, the crew remains dropless as they continue to get settled in at their new studio home. They also give their thoughts on the recently revealed Air Jordan XXX3.


Guru delivers some more of his workplace stories, including one where a customer may, or may not, have died just to avoid paying his restaurant bill.

In Sneaker News, Under Armour is cutting 3% of their global workforce; which equates to about 400 employees. Making matters worse, Dick’s Sporting Goods blames them for their decreased sales.

Brands are finding out that just having random celebrities, or influencers, hawk your product doesn’t always work. Just ask UGGs about their deal with Lil Yachty.

Golden Goose Luxury Brand caused some controversy with the release of their new $530 sneakers that appear beat up, torn up, and covered in duct tape, with people accusing them of “glorifying poverty”. Only rich people would pay so much to look so poor.

Athletes from all over the sports would have teamed up with sneaker marketplace “Grailed” to give away their sneakers for charity.

And finally, one of the most priceless shoes on the planet, the Ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz”, have finally been found since being stolen from a Minnesota museum 13 years ago. Something about the story doesn’t sit right with the crew, leaving them to speculate that the theft might’ve been an inside job.