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TSB Podcast: Episode 183 – Beware of Fake AJ 11 Concords

In this episode of TSB, the crew is up to their old antics, well, at least Guru is of all people. He has a funny way of describing what R. Kelly is accused of.

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But back to sneakers. Dwayne Wade signs a lifetime deal with Li-Ning. This move surprised no one expect the people who assumed that this deal had happened already.

Speaking of surprises, or the lack thereof, there are fakes of the “Concord” Air Jordan 11 already circulating. What makes this significant is that they are coming with fake StockX tags attached to them. Maybe this works like a math problem, where a double negative becomes a positive.

The crew begin reminiscing on the days where they used to camp out in line for sneakers. No, that wasn’t a typo. They meant IN LINE, and not ONLINE.

Nike co-founder Phil Knight is getting his own biopic on Netflix based on his book “Shoe Dog”. Apparently, Geeno is only going to watch the trailer, because he just wants the highlights of the movie. According to him, there’s the story and then there’s the cliff notes. He’s only here for the latter.

In Sneaker Stories That Make You Go “Awww”, there’s a girl in New Zealand who’s using sneakers to make her charitable mark on the world. Not to be outdone, Supreme donates $66,000 to save London’s South Bank Skate Park. And PUMA and Usain Bolt team up to raise money for UNICEF.

White Ranger secretly records one of the many conversations the crew has in between segments. This particular conversation is led by Guru as he talks about his time working at a Detroit area Red Lobster. #FuzzyCrotchCake. Listen to the show and that hashtag will make all the sense in the world. Lol.

And lastly, Skechers stands accused of burning a 9 year old’s feet with their sneakers. They currently have the shoes in question and are doing their own investigation into themselves to see if they are liable. Can’t wait to hear the “unbiased” conclusion they come to.

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