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TSB Podcast: Episode 182 – The Best Of… Vol. 1

In this episode of TSB, the crew goes down memory lane and looks back on their first few shows and decide to create a “Best Of” episode for the listeners.

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Caesar and JumpmanBostic are back in the Basement of the J’s, discussing the upcoming release of the “Legend Blue” 11s and the “Grey Toe” 13s. They also reminisce on how the sneaker game used to be, especially the aspect of going to the stores and waiting in line.

The “Infrared” colorway on the Air Jordan 6 causes a debate between Caesar and JumpmanBostic. The Sneaker Girl makes her first appearance, and almost immediately Caesar debates with her about who has it harder when looking for shoes in their size. The Sneaker Girl also touches on what it’s like being a girl, or woman, in the sneaker community.

The crew give their takes on the state of sneakers culture at that time, and it feels like not much has changed since then lol.

The “Thumbs Down” Bandit also makes his first appearance….. on our YouTube channel. Apparently trolling has ALWAYS been a thing.

The crew looks ahead to that year’s Doernbecher collection, which includes the Air Jordan 8s. Caesar gives his hot take on the 8s in general, which gets JumpmanBostic riled up.

There’s the age old discussion of “retail pairs v. super perfects v. fakes”, and how to go about purchasing sneakers online. And finally, JumpmanBostic debates the crew about his rule of the “do’s and don’ts” of wearing Nike socks with certain Air Jordans.

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