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TSB Podcast: Episode 180 – There’s An App For That

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In this episode of TSB, surprisingly, there was an uglier sneaker than the Don C. X Jordan 312s.

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Adidas may have come up shorter than Tyrion Lannister on their upcoming “Game of Thrones” Ultra Boost collection.

Tinker says the Air Jordan XV was his most hated shoe. Thanks for letting us know that after you sold them to us and re-retroed them without the original tech. No, really, thank you.

Friend of the show, Sean “Paper Chasr” Williams, becomes the first person in sneakers to become a Rankin Scholar at a major university.

Nike has a new app to make your in-store shopping experience more specific to you. Not to be outdone, Sneaker Con has also created an app that allegedly spots fakes on sight. Wish there was an app that spotted other fake apps, because we couldn’t find it anywhere.

The crew revives their “Dirty YouTube Videos Reviews” segment. The victim? Jacques Slade. Let’s just say he and Nike really paid attention to our sneaker porn story from a few weeks ago.

Guru and Geeno enter into the most ridikulus sports bets of all time. But at least they’re being ridikulus it for charity.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, once again someone stole some sneakers somewhere. However, this time the culprit may have told on himself in an interview with a local news station.

Afrikan Caesar
Afrikan Caesar
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