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TSB Podcast: Episode 179 – MRS. Renee Paradise, Senoir Designer of Fashion at eBay on competing with StockX and GOAT

In this episode of TSB, Nike sets out to show just how much they “love the kids” by creating a special sneaker line designed specifically for children and the way they play. In other news, parents from all over the country gather at Nike Headquarters demanding to know what the hell were they buying their kids before?

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New Balance floats the idea of replacing the ‘LeBron James’ banner in Cleveland with one of their guy, Cleveland Indians player, Francisco Lindor. The real winners in this? The United Banner Workers of Northeast Ohio.

Rockport files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Somehow it’s Adidas fault. #BlameAdidas

Brandblack says that THEY left SKECHERS. But it looks like SKECHERS was the one to actually file for divorce. Just like any high profile divorce case, we’re awaiting the ugly custody battle over the kids. *Cough* Big Baller Band.

There’s a sneaker designed to slow you down on purpose by making you feel like you’re running in sand, thus giving you a more intense workout. You know what else feels like running in sand? Sand.

We’re joined by MRS. Renee Paradise, Senior Director of Fashion at eBay. We talk about all things sneaker related concerning eBay, and whether or not they plan on competing with StockX, or GOAT, for sneaker resell market supremacy.

In This Week in Stupid, Geeno makes the most ridikulus $100 bet with Guru imaginable. As if we need to tell you, it involves LeBron James. And finally, three geniuses in Wichita, Kansas made counterfeit money to buy sneakers. They only printed up $1,000 worth of fake cash, but they now face 20 years of REAL jail time and $250,000 of REAL fines.

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