Home Podcast TSB Podcast: Episode 177 - Air Jordan 12 Michigan

TSB Podcast: Episode 177 – Air Jordan 12 Michigan

In this episode of TSB, the founders of Sneakersnstuff clear the air concerning the rumors that they had sold the business. Let’s just say they graduated from shell toes to shell companies.

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eBay finally decided to throw it’s hat into the sneaker ring by having their first ever Community Sneaker Drop. Is this their first step towards challenging StockX and GOAT for sneaker resell market supremacy?

In our new segment, “Clash of the Titans”, we read yet another case of Reebok being Reebok. This time they’re facing allegations from former brand partner CrossFit of “cooking the books” in order to not pay them their due share of revenue. Best part of the story? Reebok allegedly admits to wrongdoing–this comes right after attempting to throw adidas under the bus–just to go back to operating in the same way that got them into trouble in the first place.

Lastly, a teen is being sent to prison for armed robbery over a pair of sneakers. Usually it’s a pretty simple equation of bad people + crime = consequences. But this time, the consequences might not fit the crime. Not saying that the teen shouldn’t face ANY punishment, we’re just not sure that sending someone that young, with no prior run-ins with the law, to prison for five years, plus ten years of probation, might not be the way to go either. Seems a bit heavy handed. And in case you were wondering where this case was tried, it was in the south. Just saying…

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