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TSB Podcast: Episode 172 – Facebook joining forces with Nike

In this episode of TSB, the crew discuss the Migos X Finish Line partnership. They ask the question, “Does it seem like brands are grasping as straws, trying to hitch their wagons to people with social media followings instead of creative people of substance?

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PUMA is sitting pretty, having a great start to their year. Word is that they’re planning on getting into the basketball market here in the U.S.

Facebook is joining forces with Nike to sell sneakers though their Messenger app. All you have to do is go through a cumbersome process full of bots and Emojis. What could possibly go wrong?

JumpmanBostic joins them to talk about the “Cap and Gown” 11s. His reaction may surprise you. They also discuss whether it’s ok for small footed men to buy up sneaker that we’re obviously intended for the ladies in the sneaker community.

And finally, in This Week in Stupid, a Nike exec risks his high paying job by committing one of the worst white collar crimes in sneaker history….. Well, not in terms of actual damage. Moreso in his sheer incompetence and stupidity. Word to the wise, if your employer typically issues out discounts ranging from 3 to 7%, and you give yourself a discount of 66%, that might be a red flag to anyone paying attention. Just saying…. #sneakerheads

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