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TSB Podcast: Episode 170 – Air Jordan Retro 1 Satin Shattered Backboard

In this episode of TSB, Francis and Caesar are joined by guest hosts Geeno and Dez, owners of “The Collective” clothing brand. Almost immediately Geeno asserts himself as the contrarian of the show, refusing to agree on things we all know to be true. Lol. There’s also a debate about the show’s “Rihanna” grading scale.

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The crew does manage to touch on such topics as Kanye being accused–or at least, one of his designers–of stealing designs from a former Nike employee. Speaking of Nike, they’re being accused of pirating computer software. Wonder if they used Limewire?

They discuss whether or not StockX is getting a bad rap within the sneaker community for allegedly allowing fakes to slip through their authentication process. And how is TOO OLD to be flipping shoes on the corner out of your car? Is there an age limit to “stuntin on the ‘Gram” with stacks of shoes you’re planning on reselling?

Adidas and Reebok are one of the top brands to be both environmentally conscience and socially transparent without being forced into submission to do so. And finally, what has to be one of the dumbest stories in This Week in Stupid, some thieves went through all the trouble to steal a pair of shoes off of someone’s feet only to realize they were fake when they tried to pawn them at a consignment shop.

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