Home Podcast TSB Podcast: Episode 166: adidas signing Colin Kaepernick?

TSB Podcast: Episode 166: adidas signing Colin Kaepernick?

In this episode of TSB, the crew is flying high after their inaugural show on DTLR Radio. But they get right into the swing of things by knocking out their Fab 5 Sneaker Releases From The Previous Week.

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They discuss the news that Adidas is flirting with the idea of signing Colin Kaepernick. But only IF he gets signed by an NFL team. The idea being that they want it to be ALL about his skill and athleticism, and not wanting the public perception to be that they signed him for his controversy and newsworthiness.

Nike hasn’t been having the best weeks lately. Their head of diversity called it quits after surveying the problems they’ve been having within the company. Makes you wonder how bad things really are there at Nike World HQ.

Brands like Supreme and VANS show improvement in favor amongst teens. They wonder if kids nowadays have more disposable income than ever before?

And in This Week in Stupid, they try to call former Fat Joe business partner, and co-founder of Up NYC, Scott Spina, was charged with, and confessed to, fraud. He allegedly took customer’s credit card information to obtain over $750,000 worth of money and goods. He’s even accused of promising to seed athletes and celebrities shoes and never following through. So much for being the plug. He does call back and directs them to talk to his lawyer… #Ooouuu.

To end the show, the crew tries to get to the bottom of Guru’s secret that he mistakenly volunteered on the show last week. Allegedly there’s audio of a sneaker deal, involving Guru, that went horribly wrong.

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