In this episode of TSB, the crew finally make the jump to radio, signing with DTLR/VILLA’s radio network. There’s a lot of nervous energy in the building at first, but they eventually find their pace.


They begin the show with a few thank yous, although Guru tried to eat up a sizable portion of the show by thanking everyone he’s ever came in contact with.

The crew gets into the groove of things by discussing how the Nike Kobe 1 Protros seem to be getting a lot of love lately. But is it REAL, or do people fall in love with the hype? Adidas and Reebok are forming like Voltron to battle it out with 53 e-commerce sites, like eBay, for allowing people to sell fakes of their products on their platforms.

They’re later joined by special guests Rick Williams and Roland “Ro Spit” Coit, owners of Burn Rubber, Distinct Life, and Cream Blends, as they hilariously tell what REALLY happened with their now infamous Yeezy 2 release some years ago. They also talk about what it was like to film their reality show with Eminem.

And finally, in This Week in Stupid, middle-aged, female sneakerheads in the Brooklyn area should definitely keep their heads on a swivel. There’s an alleged Wakanda refugee soliciting women to meet up in person to buy their Yeezys only to rob them in broad daylight. MJ let’s us know that tech fleece joggers are a necessity; like water and food lol. And if you’re going to rob a store, try not wearing something that can easily identify you. Like dying your hair red.