In this episode of TSB, the ladies hold it down to conduct a very constructive conversation about the image of women within sneaker culture on social media. It was a start, and hopefully, it’s a conversation that continues to be had.


They also discussed about Nike bringing back the Sheryl Swoopes signature line, and creating an online shopping experience for women called the #Unlaced boutique. Adidas becomes the official outfitter of the The Big 3 league.

Michael Jordan is worth $1 billion. #Ooouuu. Some comedian has beef with Nike, so he switches to Adidas, but then acknowledges he could be bought back ($$$) anytime.

And finally, in This Week in Stupid, Supplied PDX owner James Pepion gets only 4 months in prison for selling millions of dollars worth of fake sneakers. And a golfer dislocates his ankle by trying to celebrate in a pair of Nike Roshes on a Par 3.