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TSB Podcast: EP. 310 – We say goodbye to Virgil Abloh

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, and Geeno are in-studio.

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We begin the show addressing the heartbreaking and sudden news of Virgil Abloh’s untimely death. Caesar tries to put things in perspective seeing that he had been recently critical of his work.

Similar to the situation surrounding Kobe Bryant, resellers are wasting no time trying to capitalize off of the moment. Off-White X Air Jordan collaborations nearly doubled in resell value in platforms like StockX and GOAT. Which begs the question, should there be some form of policing within the sneaker community concerning profiteering off of someone’s death?

Nike sent out an email recently to some of their retail partners essentially telling them that they wouldn’t be getting their inventory for this holiday season all the way through the summer of next year. We discuss how much of that was supply chain issues and how much DTC is playing a role in how brands like Nike are going to move forward.

If the first few rappers on a song have trash verses, are you waiting around to hear who goes last?

Some of the decision making made in the sneaker industry will leave you pulling your hair out.

Does a sneaker still sitting in stores really make you not want it even if you were initially interested?

Did Caesar really go sneaker shopping while he was on a charity walk?

Why is the basketball category in sneakers struggling?

Nike is looking to end their relationship with Israeli retailers.

Sneakers make billions of dollars every year but Black retailers see very little of that.

The IRS is coming after resellers.

Does Enes Kanter Freedom have a point when it comes to sneaker brands like Nike and Jordan Brand? Or does his delivery come off as disingenuous?

And finally, which song was a better diss? Takeover or Ether?

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