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TSB Podcast: EP.291 – Are People Getting Burned Out on Travis Scott Collabs?

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, and Dunks are live in the Woodward Sports Studios.

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It’s Geeno-watch. Week 1. He’s missing and we can’t find him anywhere.

Are people getting burned out on Travis Scott collabs? Caesar is.

Outside of the Air Jordan signature line, what other Jordan Brand sneakers do people like?

Reebok has made the “Ugliest Sneaker of the Week” two weeks in a row. Is there cause for alarm? Especially in the position they’re in?

What pair of sneakers do you own that you won’t wear?

Do people who wear Yeezy Crocs need to just admit that they’ll wear ANYTHING Yeezy related?

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has left Nike to join the Gap’s Athleta Brand. While it’s not as splashy as losing Kobe, it’s still a knock against the Swoosh.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson, aka Ocho Cinco, recently got in some hot water on social media for reposting text messages between himself and his daughter, telling her to get a job in order to buy herself a pair of Yeezys she wanted. Bet money the people who were upset aren’t parents…

We’re joined by sneaker Influencer and content creator @SneakerPhetish. We discuss a number of things like the sneaker industry’s push to go DTC. The PR hits that Nike has taken the first half of the year. The lack of storytelling behind sneakers. The growth of other brands like New Balance and PUMA. And things that surprise him about the sneaker community today.

And finally, in “This Week In Stupid”, a female getaway driver and a juvenile attempt to steal some sneakers with the victim hanging onto the car for dear life.

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