Home Podcast TSB EP.289 - Caesar is fed up with eBay's Authentication Process

TSB EP.289 – Caesar is fed up with eBay’s Authentication Process

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, and Dunks are in-studio at the Woodward Sports Network.

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Caesar and Geeno were invited by A&E for an early viewing of the WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin documentary. Guru and Dunks are jealous. But based on the experience and venue, they didn’t miss anything.

Geeno establishes his two week win streak in our Sneaker Battle.

All white Nike Air Force 1s can’t stay on the shelves. Why?

What makes Yeezys valuable?

In the long run, which brand will benefit more from their collaborators? Nike or Adidas?

If it wasn’t for Pharrell, would we see Kanye and the creative control that other collaborators have at Adidas?

Everyone has a price, or a limit, of what they’re willing to spend on a shoe? What’s your sneaker salary cap?

Caesar explains that people who brag about how much money they spend on a sneaker really aren’t used to having money. And no one is impressed.

Caesar is fed up with eBay’s authentication process.

Marcus Jordan needs to just sit down somewhere and shut up for a few months.

Nike is adding a new in-store service called “Nike Refurbished”, where they take “gently used” to “like new” sneakers and restore them for resell. Caesar speculates what this program might lead to.

And finally, despite being in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Nike once again becomes the biggest brand in the world. But are they really? And will being number one make them more immune from hearing constructive feedback from their fans.

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