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The Greatest 25 Sneakers in UNC Basketball History

College basketball is underway and with the University of North Carolina being the power house by taking the number 1 spot, it’s not just their talent on the court we may take a lot of interest in. Everyone knows UNC is an elite college basketball team with a lot of history and of course the greatest basketball player to ever touch the ball in the world came from UNC, Michael Jordan. With the NBA being a no show thus far, SneakerHeads have been locked into college hoops to get some exclusive Team PEs and you know UNC brings it when it comes to their kicks. From Converse (which MJ rocked during his years) to Nike and Jordan Brand UNC has been sighted rocking some fresh Sneakers. Thanks to Complex we share with you The Greatest 25 Sneakers in UNC Basketball History. Which pair is your favorite over the years? Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.

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