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The Sneaker Box Podcast, hosted by Afrikan Caesar, JumpmanBostic, Francis 313, Guru, and Geeno, is the number one sneaker podcast available. They talk about any, and everything, happening in the sneaker industry, community, and culture. From sneaker news to release dates – to Yeezys, Jordans, and ASICS – you’ll find everything you need as a sneakerhead, or hypebeast. Although they prefer if you aren’t the latter…

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The Sneaker Box: Episode 37 – “Loose Cannons”

On Episode 37 of TSB the crew works short-staffed and is joined...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 36 “Paper Chas’n”

In Episode 36 of TSB the crew has as a special guest,...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 35 – “GETCHA SUM!!!”

In Episode 35 of TSB the crew debates which shoe looks better...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 34 – “Running With The Bull”

In Episode 34 of TSB, the crew goes over the previous week's...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 33 – “The New Crew”

In Episode 33 of TSB the show goes through some changes with...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 32 “Back In The Basement”

In Episode 32 of The Sneaker Box Podcast the crew returns from...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 31 “V.I.S.P.”

In Episode 31 of TSB the crew discuss their upcoming trip to...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 30 – “The Sneaker Box, Is It In You?

In episode 30 of TSB the crew discuss JumpmanBostic's sudden ban of...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 29 – “Answers To Questions. Questions Are Answered”

The Sneaker Box is a weekly Sneaker Bar Detroit podcast hosted by...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 28 – Let Em Rip

In Episode 28 of TSB the crew discuss Sneaker Girl's and JumpmanBostic's...

Sneaker Box Podcast: Episode 27 – Ladies First

In Episode 27 of TSB the crew discusses sneaker releases they were...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 26

In Episode 26 of TSB the crew returns from a 2 week...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 25 – “Back At It Again”

In Episode 25 of The Sneaker Box podcast the crew goes over...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 24 – “24 and Counting”

In Episode 24, titled "24 & Counting", the crew discusses the hottest...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 23 – “Jumpman XX3”

In Episode 23, yes Episode 23, the crew discuss a story about...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 22 – “Dude, It’s Getting Heck-Tick”

In Episode 22 of TSB the crew goes over the recent releases...

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