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The Sneaker Box (TSB) podcast is hosted by Afrikan Caesar, Jumpmanbostic, Guru, and Nara Mar. The sneaker podcast covers Air Jordan sneakers, Nike sneakers, adidas Yeezy shoes, and all other sneaker news every week right here on Sneaker Bar Detroit. Join the crew as they discuss and debate the top stories in the sneaker world. The Sneaker Box podcast has quickly become one of the best and most popular sneaker podcasts available for download.

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The Sneaker Box: Episode 17 – Voice of the Listeners

In Episode 17 of The Sneaker Box podcast the crew spends the entire show responding to questions and comments sent in from their listeners,...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 16 – “Sneaker BALL Detroit”

In Episode 16 of The Sneaker Box podcast the crew goes over the effects Mt. Dew has on Jumpmanbostic, the controversy over the New...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 15 – Sibling Rivalry

In Episode 15 of The Sneaker Box podcast the crew talks about the new Footlocker House of Hoops opening in New York, the recent...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 14 – “Just Dew It”

In Episode 14 of The Sneaker Box, the crew goes over recent releases including the recent Nike "Black History Month" Collection, wearing an athlete's...

TSB Episode 13 – “Sneakers & Mt. Dew”

In Episode 13 of The Sneaker Box podcast, the crew discuss how they clean their sneakers and store them, can a person be a...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 12 – “ALDA”

In episode 12 the crew talks about Afrikan Caesar's recent trip to Canada, the positive response to the Nike Kyrie 1, the recent "Legend...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 11 – “Booyah”

In this episode the crew pays honor to ESPN icon Stuart Scott, go over the recent college bowl games and NFL playoff games, discuss...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 10 – New Year, New Shoes, Same Love

In episode 10 of The Sneaker Box podcast the crew discuss "I had those first" types of people, new releases rumored for the new...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 9 – Back For The First Time

In episode 9 the crew revisits the chaos that was the "Legend Blue" Air Jordan 11s, the controversy over the "Fragment" Air Jordan 1...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 8 – Legend Blue Christmas

In episode 8 we go over the upcoming "Legend Blue" Air Jordan release and all of the hype surrounding it, the chaos that already...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 7 – Raising The Roof

Show Notes In episode 7 of The Sneaker Box (TSB) podcast the crew go over Kobe passing Michael Jordan on the all time scoring list,...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 6 – Q&A

Show Notes In Episode 6 of The Sneaker Box podcast the crew discusses Jordan Brand expanding GS sizes into women sizes, are women color ways...

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