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Leaked Photo of New Nike LeBron 12 Colorway

Another leaked photo of the upcoming Nike LeBron 12 seems to have surface in a brand new colorway. This pair looks to features...

Nike LeBron 12 Prototype Sample

A few days ago we shared a first look at this particular Nike LeBron 12 model - unknowing what exactly it was. Today,...

Nike LeBron 12 Release Dates

The past month or so we have been seeing multiple preview photos of the Nike LeBron 12. Today, we revive not one, but...

Nike LeBron 12 “Mango” Preview

The Nike LeBron 12 continues to get previewed and teased, but here is a look at a brand new colorway or potential upcoming different...

Nike LeBron 12 “Miami Dolphins”

As of right now it's looking like the first release version of the Nike LeBron 12 will come in this "Miami Dolphins" colorway. ...

Nike LeBron 12 Teal/Orange-Grey

The Nike KD 7 unveiling is underway and next up will be the Nike LeBron 12 - that could potentially see some new colors...

Nike LeBron 12 “The Twelve” Sample

Nike Basketball has yet to set an official date to when they'll hold their press release for the Nike LeBron 12. But while...

New Leaked Photo of the Nike LeBron 12

Nike Basketball will soon hold an official press release on the new Nike LeBron 12 that will take on a brand new construction, while...

Preview Look at Four Upcoming Nike LeBron 12 Colorways

We all have seen what the Nike LeBron 12 is expected to look like, but here is a preview look at four other upcoming...

Another Teaser of the Nike LeBron 12 Sample

A couple days ago we shared the first look at the Nike LeBron 12. Today, we have another teaser photo of the sample...
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First Look: Nike LeBron 12

With the Nike LeBron 11 still going strong, we now bring you a first look at the Nike LeBron 12. Built with a...

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