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Supra Skytop “Flying Lotus” Custom

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After receiving a pair of all White Supra Skytop in the mail ONE DAY before Los Angeles DJ/Producer, Flying Lotus, rolled into town to play a show, District Customs jumped head first into this special pair and spent nearly 25 hours straight with a paintbrush in his hand so he could deliver these personally. Commissioned by Fly Lo himself, he told DC to just “do his thing”…

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These have almost 15 different colors and yet are pulled off very sophisticatedly with each section’s design flowing fluidly into the next. Extra features include custom laser engraved birch lace-locks and hang tags with the “Flying Lotus” logo. Fly Lo was so impressed with the results of DC’s hard work that he rocked them onstage that night, had supra send him an extra pair, and gave him a signed copy of his most recent album.

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