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Stop The Madness: A College Student Is Viciously Attacked Over Foamposites

Not only is this video disturbing but it will make you sick. We understand that Sneakers are something much more than just something we wear but to SneakerHeads they are their pride and joy. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get every pair that drops, specially if your a college student. In this case, this poor kid that probably spent everything he had to get these Sneakers only to have him be attack viciously and have them stolen. This type of incident needs to stop, and it gives the Sneaker Community a bad name. It’s a privilege to wait in line and to have the opportunity to get a pair of Sneakers, specially if they are a tough pair to cop. To harm another person just for a pair of Sneakers is ridiculous and WE NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS !! !!

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