Stephen Curry is probably the best shooter in NBA history and arguably the best basketball player in the world at this moment. However, if he continues to do what he’s doing could he be in the same sentence as Michael Jordan?


According to sources, his signature Steph Curry basketball shoe is on pace to become the best selling sneaker in 2016 with reports claiming he’ll bring in $160 million sneaker sales. That would put him above LeBron, KD, Kobe and Kyrie – Nike Basketball’s top athletes.

“UA’s signature Stephen Curry basketball shoe US business is already bigger than LeBron, Kobe and every other player except Michael Jordan,” Morgan Stanley analysts wrote. “Curry basketball footwear sales have meaningfully accelerated over the last two months and are now trending at a $160M annual sales run rate.”

curry vs jordan jumpshot sbd

While Steph Curry is having his best season this year, and with the Warriors coming close to beating Michael Jordan’s NBA best wining season of 72-10 the debate is hotter than ever.

It’s probably safe to say that Steph Curry’s basketball shoe will never touch the legacy of Jordan Brand, but if he keeps up this level of play there is no doubt that Curry could be the modern day version of MJ in today’s era.

Cast your vote below and let us know what you guys think in the comments section. Will Steph Curry ever reach MJ’s level?

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  • T$ .

    He’d have to play like this for atleast 6/7 years for that to even be a discussion

    • SneakerGuru_00

      I agree, this is his first good year n people are comparing him to the greatest that ever touched a ball.

      • Www

        His first good year? He won MVP last year and a championship?…

  • BAG

    Curry sucks ass. Skinny ass nigga would get killed during Jordan’s era. END OF TOPIC!



    • Christopher Williams


  • SneakerGuru_00

    I haven’t seen anyone rockin the curry’s fr fr ……..I would have to see actual sales chart before I believe that ther over selling kobes, lebrons, n Kyrie’s ……Just can’t believe it