Show of hands, who remembers the Air Jordan Encyclopedia? Everyone? Ok, good. That saves me the trouble of having to re-familiarize you with how big that book became and re-introduce you to the man who wrote it, Jay Lawrence. Now he’s back, assisting in a whole new project in partnership with Tracy Desu. Yes, this new project is still centered around sneakers. And this time, it’s something more practical that every sneakerhead can put to use.

Jay Lawrence and Tracy Desu team up to create a brand new, limited-edition sneaker sticker book called “THE SNKR MAG”. This new book contains over 800 stickers that you can peel and place on the front of your sneaker boxes in your collection. It also comes with a price guide.

Now I know what most of you are asking right now. Why do you need THE SNKR MAG? Most sneaker boxes come with box tags that have the name, and the colorway, labeled on them. But let’s be honest, no one likes having to dig through stacks of sneaker boxes trying to read multiple labels to find the right shoe to wear that day. Also, no one wants to go through the hassle of printing out their own pictures, running out of ink in their printer, and then having to painstakingly tape each picture onto every box. However, if there was a book with ready-made stickers of the exact shoes you have in your collection, and you can just ‘peel and place’ the right sticker to its corresponding box, and it would make searching through your own sneaker collection a little more convenient, right?

THE SNKR MAG has many different pictures of many different colorways of popular sneaker silhouettes; over 700 “Air Jordan” themed stickers, most general released Foamposites, and a bonus sticker pack of Yeezys from both Nike and Adidas.

THE SNKR MAG is going for $55 at retail. So far, Jay and Tracy have decided to only produce 600 initial copies of THE SNKR MAG. Who knows, maybe this will turn out like the Air Jordan Encyclopedia where multiple editions of the book are churned out depending on how well it does in the market. THE SNKR MAG is available to purchase now.

How to buy:
Visit Use promo codes “TSBP” (The Sneaker Box Podcast) or “TracyDesu” for $5 off. Hurry though, both codes will only last for a week!

Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar Detroit and tune in to The Sneaker Box podcast, every Sunday evening on YouTube, for more updates on THE SNKR MAG as it develops.