Inspired by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” Tour were these Nike LeBron 9 Elite “South Beach”. Last year, when these LeBron 9 WTT were spotted, Sneaker Heads instantly admired them and had to get their hands on them. When the word got out that Nike will not be releasing these to the public, the value of the sample pairs that were out sky rocketed. Leaving many with only images to look at, wishing they would have released.


Do you think Nike made the right decision on not releasing the Nike LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne”? When the images first came to light, what were your first thoughts? Despite the little amounts out there, which all are typically in a small size run; how much would you pay to have a pair for yourself? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below?

  • Brett

    These are CRACK and should have released

  • Nash

    It’s a shame that one of LeBron’s best sneaker of the 9’s didn’t even come to light

  • Gordon

    The most i’d honestly spend is 500 for these but I wear a size 12 so looks like I’m shit out of luck unless Nike wanna hook me up?

  • Jones

    These are what should have drop for the BHM instead of what did. These are made so nice and put together with the color way perfectly

  • MarsBlackMond

    I’d speak for everyone saying that Nike F-ed up with not releasing these. Could have been one of the biggest releases in 2011

  • Neal

    Everything you could and would want with the LBJ 9

  • Christopher


  • Devonte

    these are HOT I honestly can’t say nothing bad about them

    • Jeffrey

      I can, Fuck them, Fuck Nike and everything about them. Can’t do nothing to please the customers easily

      • PremiumKicks

        U Sour

  • Johnson

    Ya’ll gunna Hate on me when I say I was able to get these. Thank God for my size 9

    • Fame

      Size 9 with a small Johnson, Johnson

      • Basedgod


  • adam freder

    SICK!!!!!! HAVE TO RELEASE THESE. SIZE 12. first thoughts were to get it right away and i would pay 230

  • Nmonte357

    these def should have released instead of the garbage BHM that didnt sell at all. nike needs to update the staff. im available lol.

  • Jordancollector101


  • Female$neakerhead

    Ugly imo to n much going on