The Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” originally released on November of 1996, retailed for $135. Featuring a White and Black base upper with hints of Gold hitting the lacing eyelets, resembling the NYC taxi cabs. The Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” was inspired by a 19th century women’s dress boot and the Japanese rising sun flag called, Nisshoki.


Tho, these never re-released by itself, Jordan Brand did release a low top version of the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”. However, JB did included these in the iconic “Countdown Pack” in 2008; which included the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” and the Air Jordan 11 “Bred”. Would you like to see Jordan Brand retro the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” solo? There are rumors that the “Taxi” are set to release either later this year or in 2013? If the release comes confirmed, do the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” instantly become a “Must Cop”?

Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”
Release: Nov. 1996

  • Jerome

    Bring these bitches Back

  • Tom

    I can’t believe I passed on these like I did

  • Den

    I would absolutely cop these if they were to release

  • Miles

    I heard they are releasing later this summer?

  • TJ

    I would rock these all day and since I just cop the playoffs, these are a must

  • Chapman

    the best 12’s released

  • Carter

    I was in high school when I first got my pair and I still have my pair but they a lil beat up, can’t really be seen with em on! #sneakerheadsdontrockdirtykicks

  • Penn

    Must Cop

  • Dennis981212

    Bring em Back plzzzzzz

  • 10000user

    they year these released was the year I became a #sneakerhead, bring em back

  • Brownie

    they dope but not the best. The Flu Game 12’s are the best

    • PiMpIn

      no the playoffs are and the taxi’s look the same as the playoffs just slightly different

      • dieselboi

        just slighty different the colors are reverse and theres gold going through the shoe n gold tips on the laces

        • Reggie

          im fine w/ my playoffs and cool greys

          • Jumpman23

            Good with my playoffs 12s, obsidian 12s and taxi 12s from 08 and my nubuck 12s

          • Jumpman 23

            good with my playoffs 12s, obsidian 12s and nubuck 12s

  • D12 Howard12

    anyone selling?

  • Jrum0723

    i got em, one of my favorite pairs of kicks

    • Verovaltierra

      hell yeah

  • Venturastaysgold

    Retro them , no doubt

  • J rock

    If these release, and they around same time the breds release, this would be the perfect year JB has put together.

  • aSwagger

    135 really?

  • drew_iz_tatted

    The taxi are the best

  • Buckwild

    The taxis are clean and the white with the black bottom make them easier to clean I got the obsidians and that white bottom is a bitch

  • master at b8

    the playoffs look wayyyy better

  • Must cop

  • A.Chambers

    These have to drop The taxi 12s are the best 12s!!!

  • Chato

    Missed the obsidians so I gotta get these

  • I hope they come if they do ima cop

  • sneakergeek

    they have tooo retro these and they columbia 11s

  • Sneakerhead Jay

    This is a must cop.

  • JS24

    my favorite jordans

  • must cop

  • the cherry 12s are better thoe

  • COP COP COP!!!!!!!!!

  • mr.shoe man

    i hope they come out in 2013

  • Female$neakerhead

    Taxi 12s are beautiful good thing jb is releasing them in 2013 holidays

  • Gotem Ceo