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SBDetroit x Yung Spazz Interview

Everyone has a start to a story of a journey and recently, we caught up with Yung Spazz who is an 21 year old up in coming rapper from Waterford, Michigan. Check out his journey below and be sure to download his mixtape, “Welcome To Spazzvania” dropping November 25, 2011.

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SB: We heard you started rapping at age 15. What made you get into rap?

Spazz: Yeah i started rapping at 15, i was attracted to it because i never tried it before and i was also going through a tough time in my life dealing with my dads death and having a single parent in my mom. Plus I liked to write poetry, even when i was younger than 15 i wrote poems. One day i wrote my first rap when i was upset over something i cant really remember, and since then i’ve been addicted to it. Then i started to get on songs with my friends when i was 16, and i wasnt very good when i first started. But I always like to be the best at what I’m doing so i just pushed to keep getting better and better.

SB: How has the road been thus far since you started?

Spazz: The roads been very rocky and up and down. There’s almost a stop sign on every part of the road. But that’s for in terms of Music Business. As for writing and creating its been good, developing my own style and sound has been fun. But not the Business part.

SB: How did you get the name “young spazz”?

Spazz: The name Yung Spazz actually was given to me by a Mic Murdaraz TV Battle rapper/ Bestfriend/ Brother, named Clipzs. I was looking to change my rap name from Tiger, which everybody called me growing up, to something more artist like. So i asked Clipzs what he thought and he said Spazz. Then he said Young Spazz. After that I dropped the O in young to make it look different and ever since then I’ve been Yung Spazz.

SB: What are some of the benefits of writing your own music and making your own beats?

Spazz: The benefits of writing my own music is mostly that the music comes from me. Nobody can take that away from me, no writing team for verses, 100% Yung Spazz. All i want to give my fans is my full and utmost potential and skill when it comes to writing my own lyrics. As for making my own beats, JB King of beats/ Best friend/ Brother from Waterford makes all of the production. Who is also an important part to my team. We have a good music bond when it comes to song creating. He knows the right sound that fits me perfect in any situation, then i just finish it off with the lyrics and delivery.

SB: Who has influenced you the most in the rap game?

Spazz: My biggest influence in rap is my family. My family being Clipzs, JB, Halo, and Antb. They keep me pushing and keep my mind on the goal.

SB: List your 3 favorite rappers of all time and why.

Spazz: Juelz Santana, Drake, Rick Ross in no particular order haha. I like Drake because he makes music that everyone can relate to in one way or another and he never, well to me at least, made a bad song ever. To me that’s amazing, just being honest. Juelz Santana will always be my favorite. I first heard him on Cam’s song “hey ma” and i looked him and dipset up and been following him since. The thing about Juelz is he can come and go out of the game when he pleases and make great music. He never comes back with weak joints, his lyrics are always on point and his delivery is the best in the game! As for Rick Ross, he makes music i can feel. Whether its Trap or feel good type music I can feel the emotion. He also changes as music changes.

SB: What type of sneakers are in your collection?

Spazz: I love Osiris shoes haha. I never really been the type to wear Jordan’s. I keep Osiris’s because i don’t see to many people wearing them here and they fit my own style.

SB: Do you have a certain pair of sneakers that you wear when you record a song or perform?

Spazz: When i record I’m usually in my socks because I record from our at home Studio. When I’m performing i wear my Blue and Black Osiris’s Nyc’s. They keep my feet comfortable when I’m moving around.

SB: What is your favorite sneaker of all time and why?

Spazz: The Osiris NYC 83. I’ve always worn them, I like the style of the shoe. Plus there light and comfortable.

SB: You have a mixtape dropping on 11/20. What are your favorite songs on the mixtape?

Spazz: We actually had to push the tape back to Nov 25th because JB and I had alot going on. He finished all the production for it and now were finishing and wrapping up the last minute recordings and mixing. But right now my favorite song has to be “All I Know”. Every song i make means a lot to me, but this one means the most right now.

SB: What can we look forward from you after the mixtape?

Spazz: JB and I are planning to drop a Valentines Day mixtape. I’ll be dropping more single songs, pushing for radio play and shows. Lots of shows.

SB: What advice do you have for aspiring rappers/musicians?

Spazz: Never give up. If people talk down on your work just use it as motivation and remember Hate is just love. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t be anything, you get out what you put in. You grind hard you shine hard. Spazz.

Email: [email protected]

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