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SBD Reader Suggests Better Nike Release System

I can’t express how thankful I am to have such loyal readers on a daily basis. Everyday it seems as if TEAMSBD continues to grow-and-grow and I personally thank everyone of you guys for the growth and support.

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Everyday I enjoy reading everyones’ comments from post-to-post and how this has become a community for all sneaker enthusiast. One of the latest comments to really catch my eye was the one written by dizzle1119 – I apologize for not appropriately introducing you by your first name. But he has a pretty good idea on a way Nike could better their release system – referencing the Nike Air Foamposite silhouette.

Take a look at how he feels would make a better Nike release system below from his comment on the Nike Air Foamposite One “Gone Fishing” post. How many of you would agree on this system and do you feel it would work?

To dizzle1119, thank you for your loyalty to the site, as well as you taking time out of your day as being a loyal reader.

By the time the Gone Fishin’ pair drops, they will be the 3rd or 4th impossible to cop Foamposite release in something like 9 to 10 months. Nike has FINALLY started to drop some hot Foamposites on a regular basis, after several years of having the average foamposite release fall somewhere between “hot garbage” and “meh”. It’s awesome to see these bad ass Foamposites coming around….but now Nike needs to let the average fan get a pair without having to call in a half dozen favors or drop a stack on ebay.

One of the following things has gotta happen SOON!

Better Nike Release System

(A). Have a couple QS Foamposite releases for Nike ID every year. They don’t have to leave the shoes on Nike ID constantly. Just give us a week with the One and a week with the Pro….annually. If this occured, MANY would be more than happy to drop $300-$400 for a pair of made to order Foamposites.

(B). Have the Foamposite shoe/s release somewhat like the Jordan XI, except do it around the NBA All Star Weekend as opposed to the holiday season. Cutting out the “exclusive” Foams altogether and simply releasing 1-3 CW’s every year at some point around the NBA All Star Weekend. It works for the Jordan XI….BIG TIME! They can literally produce 200,000 pairs and charge almost any price and STILL have folks lining up around the block.

(C). Drop one of the flashy themed CWs, or a popular retro CW, as a MAJOR general release once in a while so the average guy can get a pair of hot foamposites for retail….or a few bucks extra on ebay. This is what Jordan Brand is doing with the majority of it’s retro releases as of now, and I highly doubt sales figures have slumped at all. The “remastered” Jordan retros seem to be produced in abundant quantities, and so far most if not all have sold incredbily well. Sure, there are a handful of French Blue VII’s or Laser I’s sitting in a store here and there, but online sales are still flourishing and the majority of the colorways are still selling incredibly well in stores in spite of the price hike.

That’s three solid, doable options for the Foamposite right there…..and most of us would be happy with any one. Sure, there are the guys who like to spend $1,200 on a shoe just so they can feel special by being the only person they know to own a pair, but that’s not the average guy. That’s the elitist collector….and most folks like that don’t even wear the shoes in the first place. Hell, I often wonder if many of those guys even LIKE sneakers. Sometimes it feels more like they see this is a hobby and they feel their old sneaker collection will buy them a home some day. For a few, that will happen…but for most, they’ll only end up with a huge collection of unwearable shoes.

It’d be awesome if the overwhelming majority felt the same…because as consumers we do have a LOT of power if we stick together in great numbers. If the community would come in, as a whole, and boycott this never ending string of impossible to cop releases….they’d become fewer & further between in a hurry. Sure, there’s a place for the “exclusive release”…but it should be the exception rather than the norm. Nike could have made enough chromeposites for all of us, and they would have sold 200,000 pairs at $250-$300 a pop…but they choose to keep folks “thirsty” instead. Why? I don’t know. If it was my company, I’d be more interested in making more profit rather than pandering to a niche market that wants to feel special because they are willing to overpay for a sneaker every weekend.

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