LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? I’VE JUST BEEN HANDED AN URGENT AND HORRIFYING NEWS STORY. I NEED ALL OF YOU TO STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN. OMAHHHAAAA Quickstrike Sneaker Event is this Saturday, July 25th. (Lol, who can guess which movie I was watching while I was writing this post?). This is going to be Nebraska’s premiere sneaker event of the year. Now yes, I know it’s Nebraska, and that the state of Nebraska has the perception of being as synonymous with things like “FUN” and “SNEAKERS” as boa constrictors are synonymous with “CHILD SAFE” and “NOT AT ALL LIKELY TO KILL YOU”. But these guys are working to change all of that. They want to change the way people view them and I for one agree with them. It’s actually an unfair portrayal and not at all representative of who they are. They’ve gotten a bad rap and are looking to shatter this misperception. Boa constrictors are wonderful animals and make some of the best pets you can possibly own. Anyway, getting back to this event in Nebraska.

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Omaha Quicktrike Event 2

The “Omaha Quickstrike Sneaker Event” is being thrown by the guys from S.O.A.P. (Sneakers Over Any Proposition), a local sneaker group founded by Christiann Gilchrist (@Mr.RenaissanceCMG) located in the Omaha, NE area. He is into his community as he is into sneakers. The guys from S.O.A.P. look to be community leaders and often hold charitable events to help the less fortunate. While I, myself, have never been to Nebraska nor have I met the guys from S.O.A.P. I can honestly say that from what I’ve seen from them thus far lines up with everything they’ve paid me to say in this article (just kidding[?]). I follow Christiann on social media and have communicated with him several times and I believe in what he’s trying to accomplish with S.O.A.P.; even if it is in Nebraska.

Omaha Quicktrike Event 4

The “Omaha Quickstrike Sneaker Event” will be hosted by S.O.A.P member Ray Lopez and coordinated by Christiann Gilchrist and Michael Garrett. The events sponsors are: urban clothing brand “Juice Kids”, R. Falcon, “MGphotography”, and of course “S.O.A.P.”. Other premiere brands that will be in attendance are luxury bag boutique “Prime Society” and “El Myco” clothing brand.

So if you’re either in or will be in the Omaha area this Saturday, June 25th, head to the “Omaha Quickstrike Sneaker Event”. It will be located at the Ralston Arena (7300 Q St. in Ralston, NE 6827) from noon to 6pm. Tickets are $20 at the door. If you have any questions you can follow Christiann and his sneaker group, S.O.A.P., on Instagram @We_Are_SOAP. If you do decide to go tell them that Caesar sent you, and then get back to me after the event and let me know if they’ve changed your perception about boa constrictors.

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