Nike is trying to do all they can to stop people from purchasing releases using a sneaker bot. Nike has already taken a step forward by denying people in person when arriving to their local Nike Store retailer to try and pickup their release.


“I went to pick up my RSVP from NikeDC and was denied. They said the RSVP was done using “an automated service” and I should call 1 800 344 6453 if I have any questions.
I got denied last week at NikeDC for the Retro 3. This time I even used my wife’s name and still got denied.”
ballsnark on NT

Now, Nike is rumored to start having pre-orders on their website as another step forward to stopping sneaker bots. Do you applaud Nike for taking these steps and do you think having pre-orders would make a huge difference? Sound off in the comments.

  • jackson

    Good fuck those sneaker bots mother fuckers made me miss so many releases

  • rodgers

    wow thats crazy wonder if there is something these bots can do to still beat the system



  • Corey Williams

    this is a big start now all they need to do is make more models and release them legit

  • Kray11

    That’s wasup

  • vampin

    Hell yea..its about time ima street ni××a…i aint got time for no bots or resellers we cop and rock..

    • Street niggas aint got game like us suburban niggas

      • vampin aight homie..keep ballin it aint where u from its how u come


    anything to stop these fucking cunts from being succesful

  • A. Langston

    Lol! These fools. I love how they’re putting people on blast in public. It’s such an easy fix. I’m mad they waited so damn long. Next up, Foot Locker needs to get with it.

  • Where is the info about Nike doing “pre orders” ? The guy ballsnark used a free RSVP service that probably didn’t use a delay on their RSVP bot. Nonetheless it’s good to see Nike taking action against these mass order services.

  • Jeffrey Lindeman

    I’m sorry I’m old school but what is a bot? I just know every time I try to get a pair of any Air Jordans there sold out in 2 minutes. I just want the shoes I grew up dreaming about having.

    • B_MOOD

      exactly thats all were trying to do is get the shoes we longed for coming up im 24 and still cant figure out what a bot is or does. i just stand in line or go on ebay like the rest

      • TAsneaks

        A bot automatically adds the shoes to your cart without you waiting in line. It makes your chances of getting the waaay greater. so alot of people using the bot=less shoes for everybody else

        • B_MOOD

          but what your saying is there is still no guarantee on yo getting the shoe. who do you recomend. on always coming through with the shoe on genereal or exclusive releases

    • TAsneaks

      A bot automatically adds the shoes to your cart without you waiting in line. It makes your chances of getting the waaay greater. so alot of people using the bot=less shoes for us.

  • B_MOOD

    i still think its a 50/50 gamble a’lot of us don’t have time to sit and wait at a computer screen at 2 and 3am waiting for a prerelease thats open worldwide to everyone. especially if you have a wifi fuck up then you gone be made. im old school il rather stand and wait inline early like the rest first come first serve

  • vampin

    Lol…suburbs. ..aight homie keep ballin it aint where u from its how u come

  • Mark

    Don’t get too excited just yet… I’m calling BS, no proof or anything, but I’m just saying this is more propaganda BS like the access codes, pictures, etc.. So, if Nike does pre-orders, how do you pre-order? Footlocker? Champs? Nike? Do you have to go to the actual store? or is it all online? And if it is online, now we have a pre-order release date and a release date on the shoes? Will bots be able to do pre-orders like snag the link up and put all your information in for you?

  • Bob

    The reason ppl got turned down for rsvp pickups is a simple fix. Noticed that most if not all the twitter accounts that got turned down were all fake twitter accounts just used for rsvp. If the accounts looked legit ppl were able to pickup

  • steve

    I still score and never used a bot EVER! Do I miss out on a lot.. Yep! All the major sneakers, you’re gonna miss out unless you have a bot and that ain’t right. Problem is when these bot users try to cop EVERYTHING. Creating multiple accounts so you can cop like 3 and 4 pair… Not so cool. All most people want is 1 and they satisfied. Not these guys (bot users).

  • Tomgunz84

    I wanna see howthey gone pull this shit off Nike needs to stop all the talking and take some actual action

  • Jordan Tasca