When the Nike Presto debuted at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, runners were introduced to a new sizing system, unlike anything Nike had ever done before. The Presto was marketed as the “t-shirt for your feet”, and rightfully so. It’s S-XL size run simplified the shoe fitting process and broke down the barriers between men’s and women’s sizing. Yet while the Air Presto is a historic silhouette in Nike’s journey, it has never been considered a superstar in the resale market. At least until Virgil Abloh’s The Ten collection.

StockX sifted through their Nike Presto resale data and uncovered why the Presto is a key component when measuring Virgirl Abloh’s power over resale prices. They discovered that Off-White Nike Prestos account for more than half of the total dollars spent on Nike Prestos, taking up an astonishing 52% of the StockX Presto market.

To learn how Off-White Prestos stack up against other Presto collaborations, and which releases have shown the biggest gains, read the full analysis here.