Nike PG 1 Undefeated Olive Orange Black

This Nike PG 1 Undefeated was spotted in Nike’s latest “The Story of the PG1” video on its Nike+ App. In the video Paul George explains the process of creating his first signature shoe, the Nike PG 1.


While its an unofficial collaboration with Undefeated, this Nike PG 1 uses the brand’s popular color scheme. Featuring an Olive-based upper with Black detailing on the inner bootie, Nike Swoosh logo and rubber outsole. Orange contrasting accents on the tongue, upper eyelets and Flywire cables add for a nice pop, while sitting atop a speckled midsole.

There’s no release date set for the Nike PG 1 “Undefeated” colorway just yet, but we’re hoping one is announced very soon.

What do you guys think of this Nike PG 1 colorway? The best you’ve seen thus far? Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates as they develop.

Nike PG 1 Undefeated Olive Orange Black

Nike PG 1 Undefeated Olive Orange Black

  • Sūpā Saiya-jin

    Nike PG 1 First Round Exit.

    • Amar

      True lol These are fresh tho

    • Steve Douglas

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  • The Gooch

    These go. I have been fucking with the PG1