Nike Online Sneaker Raffle System

Nikestore has just announced their new online raffle system that is designed to help make sneaker release that much more easier and fair to purchase, as well as stopping people from using sneaker bots.


Nike Online Sneaker Raffle System

Our beta online drawing system gives you a chance to reserve new releases
at Nike stores or—then purchase them on launch day.

To receive your shoes from the comfort of home, choose as the pick-up method when you enter a drawing. If your name is drawn, you can buy your reserved pair on launch day and have it delivered to your doorstep.

To get them on your feet as fast as possible, choose your preferred Nike store as the pick-up method when you enter a drawing online. If your name is drawn, your reserved shoes will be waiting for you to purchase in person on launch day.

Nike Online Sneaker Raffle System


We’ll announce each drawing via select Nike Twitter feeds. Check out our list of official Nike accounts to follow.

Once a drawing begins: Click the link in our Twitter post, sign in with Nike+, select your size and pick-up method, and hit submit. We’ll select names at random and email you within 24 hours with results.

If your name is drawn, we’ll email you information about when and how to purchase your reserved shoes.

Nike will be testing their new online system on Wednesday, September 9th with the release of the “Bordeaux” Air Jordan 7.

  • T$ .

    Wow this is great

  • Kev Harvington

    This is stupid…
    So instead,of jus releasing the damn shoe in large quantities .. You gon tweet out to 1million+ ppl.. Wat about the Ppl who don’t have a twitter, jus stop the bullshit Nd release the fuckin sneaker we made you who you are NIKE.. DNT FORGET IT

  • Zut

    Really more dumb shit… At this point who cares.

  • Mark

    I’m sure someone is working on a bot for this.. Nike just needs to mass produce the shoes, make everything a GR, quit the limited shit. Look at the MTM 7s, Statue 9s, Chrome 6 lows, Anthracite 9s, all GRs.. Reselling is dead/dying. Everyone wants limited Js or the older stuff. Make everything a GR & continue releasing online.

    • dizzle1119

      Suggesting the elimination of any/all limited releases is pretty dumb actually, as it sucks a lot of the fun out of the hobby. Seriously, this could be said for any hobby that involves collecting a product. Who would collect ball cards if there were no special cards to chase after? Who would collect comic books if there were no variant covers or autographed issues to chase after? So on and so forth. There is DEFINITELY a place for limited releases, and anyone who has owned a handful of them would instantly agree with that. I am not the type of shoe guy who must have nothing but exclusive pairs, but I would be a liar if I said I had no interest in getting my hands on shoes that are “special” or whatever. It feels pretty cool to have on a pair of kicks that you KNOW are rare. …and having those types of shoes can help you out tremendously in a couple different ways. If an emergency comes up and you need a little extra cash, no problem. If you decide you wanna scratch two or three pairs off your “grail list”, no problem. It is what it is.

      Nike is already mass producing the shoes. That’s why something like 6 of the last 10 Jordan retros are sitting on shelves. Those anthracite 9’s didn’t even do all that well, and they are VERY similar to an Oregon Ducks PE.

      To be honest, most every GR Jordan retro is a pretty easy cop since the beginning of 2015. At worst you can get just about any of the recent (2015) retros on ebay for retail, shipping & ebay’s 10%. Reselling GR’s is dead. There are MANY who have not figured that out just yet, but anyone who’s paying attention has been noticing for months now.

      …but then there are the “limited” pairs, which really aren’t all that limited either. I’m speaking about pairs such as the Shattered Backboard 1. Some form of raffle is probably necessary for releases like that….in order to keep it fair. Even then, this is still utterly pointless, as a great deal of those types of Jordans are available on sites like footlocker, foot action, eastbay, jimmy jazz, finishline, etc etc etc….and there are MANY bots for those sites as well.

      Basically, no matter what Nike does, someone will hack it for profit. It’s all code. If someone writes it, someone else can and will come along and exploit it…if there’s money to be made from doing so.

      • Mark

        I’m having fun walking into Footlocker & grabbing GR shit right off the shelf that I actually like. I can chat it up with the employees & when or if I beat the shoes up, I can just go pick up another pair.. & I guess the difference for me is that I’m not buying the shoes to put in pretty little display cases or to be like “Yeah man i have frag 1s, DS!” Who cares? Wear that shit. They are shoes.. And what Jordan is really worth $1,000? That’s crazy.. It’s not handmade in Italy using the finest leather known to man. Shit isn’t even signed by Jordan.. I’d love to get my hands on a DB 3 or 4, but I refuse to pay $800-1,200, that is absolutely ridiculous.

        And I’ve been happy that 2015 has been GR central! I’ve been able to walk into Footlocker without a raffle & grab 3 different retros that I liked. To me, it gets annoying waking up at 9 on a Saturday to sit in front of your computer trying to cop a shoe & then wait 5 days before it’s actually in your hand.

        But I’m waiting for someone to drop a raffle bot.. & I’m sure its coming. Based on that raffle system, all the ATC bots & services are done. So now someone just has to make a bot for this raffle system.

  • dizzle1119

    This is no longer necessary. The combination of hiking MSRP to $190 as well as over-producing the shoes themselves has evened things out to a great degree. To put it simply, nobody is piling up general release Jordan retros anymore.

    This is cool for limited pairs, or OG colorways that have hype behind them, but it just flat out is not needed in general.

    Also, wtf is Nike+? They REALLY need to stop with that type of shit. There is no need to follow a half dozen twitter accounts and download multiple apps or whatever. It’s just ridiculous.